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Project World Impact is the leading nonprofit hub providing innovative ways for people to connect with and support nonprofits.

Who We Are

Whether you're a local nonprofit seeking to eradicate hunger in your local community or an international organization supporting clean water initiatives around the world, Project World Impact wants to supply you with a platform to significantly increase your fundraising, improve your visibility, and further your mission.

We also designed our site with individual users in mind. If you’re looking for a nonprofit to support, you can search by any country in the world or one of our cause categories. You can then learn more about specific nonprofits by reading their profile, donate to support the work they’re doing, and follow them to receive regular updates about their work.


The vision for PWI was born when our founder and CEO, Chris Lesner, decided to apply his extensive marketing expertise to help nonprofits raise money, gain visibility, and further their mission.

Before launching PWI, Chris helped start a successful marketing company with dozens of clients—including a number of famous Fortune 500 companies. However, he realized that nonprofits, both large and small, had a unique set of needs: more funding, more volunteers, and more visibility.

After being inspired by the needs of the nonprofits he encountered, Chris left his company and assembled the PWI team. Each team member at PWI is skilled, hard-working, and passionate about helping nonprofits connect with supporters and expand their impact.


Awards & Press

Project World Impact and its leadership team have been recognized and featured by a number of prominent organizations and publications. For example, Chris Lesner recently received a Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. For a listing of the recognition, awards, and publications, please click below.


We have relationships with thousands of nonprofits, for-profit companies, and mission-driven people worldwide.

Chicago Tribune
Google Partners
Daily Harold Business Ledger


PWI operates from St. Charles, Illinois, USA. The thousands of US-based organizations that we represent have both a local and international reach.

Our Team

Our team is excited about serving nonprofits and creating a platform for them to significantly increase their fundraising opportunities, visibility, and access to connections with like-minded people. Our staff is composed of full-time professionals with expertise in a variety of areas including computer programming, web design, marketing, content development, communications, and sales. PWI also employs paid college interns, fulfilling our goal of giving students a chance to learn about marketing in a professional environment.