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Much of the island experiences tropical weather.1 The rainy season lasts from December to April each year.2 There are disaster risk reduction and disaster management plans in place for Christmas Island, which are generally overseen by the Australian government.3 There are 30 regional and international organizations involved in order to provide funding, support, and monitoring. In 2012, Australia issued an Emergency Management Ordinance to help establish necessary management arrangement for Christmas Island with assistance from the Australian government.4 This ordinance provided a legislative basis for emergency relief efforts.5

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The Australian 
On Friday night a suspected saboteur cut the building's internet cable, which was still operating as part of an emergency deal struck over the withdrawal of internet services across the island by contractor CIIA last Wednesday. “It appears to be a case ... See more..
The Australian 
In a stoush over the NBN, the business that supplies internet and mobile broadband to the residents and government agencies of Christmas Island has complained about the NBN rollout to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. See more..
Satellite Today 
SpeedCast International has reached an agreement with the Australian government to deliver wireless and 4G network services on Christmas Island until June 30, to allow a transition period for Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) services to be ... See more..
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Perth Now 
The company that provided mobile and broadband services, the Christmas Island Internet Administration, switched off access to the web for almost 1000 locals and small businesses at 12am on March 1. The CIIA claims it was forced to close because it ... See more..
Hong Kong-based SpeedCast says it has reached an agreement with the Australian government to deliver 'wireless and 4G network services' on Christmas Island until 30 June 2017, in a move which it claims will allow a transition period for Australia's ... See more..
The Conversation AU 
Every year tens of millions of Christmas Island red crabs migrate from the island's dense forest to the cliffs to spawn. It's a phenomenon that literally stops traffic and draws tourists from around the world to the tiny Australian territory. But while ... See more..
Discover Magazine (blog) 
Christmas Island's feral cats frequently dine on native species such as the emerald dove, the Christmas Island hawk-owl, the Christmas Island thrush, Lister's gecko and the pink blind snake. That is why wildlife officials have targeted the feral cats ... See more..
Technology Decisions 
“We have worked to urgently return internet access to Christmas Island after the previous provider shut down,” said Minister for Local Government and Territories Fiona Nash. “I thank SpeedCast for stepping in to provide an internet service that will ... See more..
An agreement between the Australian Government and SpeedCast will see the latter delivering wireless and 4G network services on Christmas Island until 30 June, providing a transition period while NBN services to be installed more widely on the island. See more..
ABC Online 
Her journey for asylum took her via Indonesia to Australia, where she was placed in detention on Christmas Island for nearly a year. There, Hani had nothing but time on her hands, so she decided to write. She began by writing about her life, partly to ... See more..
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