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PWI Foundation supports nonprofits by helping them raise funds, gain supporters, and grow their organizations.

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Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education, and economic opportunities.

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Joshua Expeditions exists for the purpose of assisting Christian organizations to inspire purpose, develop leaders, and share Christ through travel.

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Yobel exists to alleviate poverty and prevent slavery in the developing world through sustainable business training and opportunity. Yobel International empowers communities both domestically and abroad to eliminate extreme poverty, unjust labor and human trafficking through business training and consumer education. Awareness events and service-based “exposure trips” are used to inform ...See More and challenge our local community to view their global neighbor differently and take an active role in ending poverty and unjust labor around the world. Show Less
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Human Rights
Clean Water
Costa Rica is spotted with mountain chains, volcanoes, and diverse terrain, including two coastlines and rainforests.1With 500,000 different species, Costa Rica is home to 6% of the world’s biodiversity, with 26% of the country’s territory being protected in nature preserves.2 These protected forests have successfully reversed the effects of years of deforestation for farming.3 Although known as a global leader in environmental policies, Costa Rica has difficulty implementing programs to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce the amount of dirty wastewater draining into forests.4

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The Costa Rica News 
Originally cattle pasture land, the property is located on a dead-end road that leads to a Braulio Carrillo National Park Rangers entrance. This privileged location translates into mountain views, tranquility and easy access to hiking trails, bird ... See more..
The Costa Rica News 
A Costa Rican lawyer asked the Dispute Tribunal to ban the hammerhead shark fishing in the country. Walter Brenes, from the Energy Law Firm, resorted to the National System of Conservation to make his request. In a press conference, Brenes pointed out ... See more..
KVIA El Paso 
The Miners finished 1-2 in three games against competition from Canada. See more..
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But after a trip to the Sea Turtle Conservancy Tortuguero Biological Field Station in Costa Rica, that dream is within grasp. “I got blasted in the face multiple times with thick clouds of sand flung by the turtles while camouflaging their nests ... See more..
The Wire 
Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico were Latin America's big winners in the 2017 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII), which ranks the world's economies on their innovative capabilities (innovation inputs) and measurable results (innovation outputs). See more..
The Costa Rica News 
A group of entrepreneurs and college representatives had a meeting to talk about the Click For Innovation program in order to strengthen digital and automated processes in the country. The project belongs to the Ministry of Science, Technology and ... See more..
An Edinburgh man received an unpleasant surprise when he came back home from the supermarket, only to find a snake clinging to a pineapple he had ... See more..
The Costa Rica Star 
Starbucks Costa Rica continues growing its business in Costa Rica, a new location will open in the next month and a half in Paseo de las Flores Mall in Heredia. This new location brings Starbucks to a total of 12 establishments in the country, this is ... See more..
Bucks County Courier Times 
Getting up close with nature on the beaches of Costa Rica and getting to know the owner of the campground helped this Central Bucks West senior learn to ... See more..
The Intelligencer 
This July, I went to Costa Rica with Outward Bound for two weeks, where I spent my time surfing, helping out at the local nature preserve, cleaning up beaches and camping in a beachfront tent with other teenagers. For the first time in my life, I was ... See more..
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Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama

Total 51,100 sq km
Land 51,060 sq km
Water 40 sq km

***NOTE*** includes Isla del Coco

tropical and subtropical; dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November); cooler in highlands
Natural Resources

hydropower ;
Natural Hazards

occasional earthquakes, hurricanes along Atlantic coast; frequent flooding of lowlands at onset of rainy season and landslides; active volcanoes

volcanism: Arenal (elev. 1,670 m), which erupted in 2010, is the most active volcano in Costa Rica; a 1968 eruption destroyed the town of Tabacon; Irazu (elev. 3,432 m), situated just east of San Jose, has the potential to spew ash over the capital city as it did between 1963 and 1965; other historically active volcanoes include Miravalles, Poas, Rincon de la Vieja, and Turrialba Arenal (elev. 1,670 m), which erupted in 2010, is the most active volcano in Costa Rica; a 1968 eruption destroyed the town of Tabacon; Irazu (elev. 3,432 m), situated just east of San Jose, has the potential to spew ash over the capital city as it did between 1963 and 1965; other historically active volcanoes include Miravalles, Poas, Rincon de la Vieja, and Turrialba
Current Environmental Issues

deforestation and land use change, largely a result of the clearing of land for cattle ranching and agriculture; soil erosion; coastal marine pollution; fisheries protection; solid waste management; air pollution


Costa Rican
4,695,942 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Prior to the global economic crisis, Costa Rica enjoyed stable economic growth. The economy contracted 1.3% in 2009 but resumed growth at about 4.5% per year in 2010-12. While the traditional agricultural exports of bananas, coffee, sugar, and beef are still the backbone of commodity export trade, a variety of industrial and specialized agricultural products have broadened export trade in recent years. High value-added goods and services, including microchips, have further bolstered exports. Tourism continues to bring in foreign exchange, as Costa Rica's impressive biodiversity makes it a key destination for ecotourism. Foreign investors remain attracted by the country's political ...See More stability and relatively high education levels, as well as the incentives offered in the free-trade zones; and Costa Rica has attracted one of the highest levels of foreign direct investment per capita in Latin America. However, many business impediments remain, such as high levels of bureaucracy, legal uncertainty due to overlapping and at times conflicting responsibilities between agencies, difficulty of enforcing contracts, and weak investor protection. Poverty has remained around 20-25% for nearly 20 years, and the strong social safety net that had been put into place by the government has eroded due to increased financial constraints on government expenditures. Unlike the rest of Central America, Costa Rica is not highly dependent on remittances as they only represent about 2% of GDP. Immigration from Nicaragua has increasingly become a concern for the government. The estimated 300,000-500,000 Nicaraguans in Costa Rica legally and illegally are an important source of mostly unskilled labor but also place heavy demands on the social welfare system. The US-Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) entered into force on 1 January 2009 after significant delays within the Costa Rican legislature. CAFTA-DR has increased foreign direct investment in key sectors of the economy, including the insurance and telecommunications sectors recently opened to private investors. President CHINCHILLA was not able to gain legislative approval for fiscal reform, her top priority, though she continued to pursue fiscal reform in 2012. President CHINCHILLA and the PLN were successful in passing a tax on corporations to fund an increase for security services. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$59.79 billion (2012 est.); $56.94 billion (2011 est.); $54.65 billion (2010 est.)
Gross National Saving

15.7% of GDP (2012 est.); 16.3% of GDP (2011 est.); 17.1% of GDP (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

bananas, pineapples, coffee, melons, ornamental plants, sugar, corn, rice, beans, potatoes; beef, poultry, dairy; timber

microprocessors, food processing, medical equipment, textiles and clothing, construction materials, fertilizer, plastic products