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Luxemburger Wort - English Edition 
When I first moved to Luxembourg and began mountain biking with the locals, I overheard countless hours of Lëtzebuergesch conversations without ever having any idea of what was being said. Over time though, I came to understand that my Luxembourgish ... See more..
Building on the community's interest in sustainability and a shared love for the natural environment, he encouraged the town board to create an energy committee — a committee he now chairs — to increase the island community's energy resilience and ... See more.. 
In the community: Participating in my 4-H club volunteer activities such as cooking meals at the Ronald McDonald house; tutoring students in the islands, and at my school through the Brain Cell portion of the National Honor Society; community outreach ... See more..
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Psychiatry Advisor 
Researchers have found that intentional and unintentional head impacts in soccer are independently associated with moderate to very severe central nervous system (CNS) symptoms. Michael L. Lipton, MD, PhD, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine ... See more..
Maritime Professional (blog) 
Heard Island and McDonald Islands are a group of small islands located at the convergence of the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean. They lie halfway between Australia and South Africa and are about 1,000 miles north of the Antarctic continent ... See more..
ABC Online 
The remote Australian Territory of Heard and McDonald Islands is 4,100 kilometres south-west of Perth and 1,750 kilometres north of Australia's Antarctic base at Davis Station. Scientists on the voyage are studying the link between active volcanoes on ... See more..
The Guardian 
While most people might have thought Mount Kosciuszko was Australia's highest peak, Mawson Peak – a mountain on Heard Island, an Australian territory 4,100km south-west of Perth in the Southern Indian Ocean – actually towers over it. It was captured on ... See more..
The Sydney Morning Herald 
The behaviour was first noted in the French territory near the Kerguelen and Crozet islands, in the remote subantarctic waters below Africa and Australia. The area is not far from Australia's Heard and McDonald islands, which lie 4000 kilometres south ... See more..
ABC Online 
A team of Australian researchers is about to set sail for one of the most remote islands on Earth in a bid to release robots for climate research. The team from the CSIRO is planning to launch floating robots near Heard Island and McDonald Islands ... See more..
The shallow tremor struck at 6:24am (22:24 GMT Friday), around 3,100 kilometres (1,950 miles) southwest of the Australian city of Perth and 1,000 km from the uninhabited Heard Island and McDonald Islands, the US Geological Survey said. The epicentre ... See more..
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