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Through the provision of imperative, relevant and practical equipment, services and experiences Variety – the Children’s Charity and its supporters serve children who may fall through the cracks of government funding or other aid.

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Human Rights
Modeled on Vietnam Vets Against the War, LEAP brings unquestionable credibility and first hand experience to its critique of our drug policies to wide audiences. Find out why Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow said, "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a singular organization whose credibility and experience provide ...See More one of the strongest voices against the War on Drugs anywhere in the world." Show Less

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Equipping Christians to Care, Share & Connect people to Christ through doing Planned Acts of Christian Kindness (P.A.C.K.) Sign up using this link for your TOTALLY FREE P.A.C,K, Outreach Program:

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The Usher Syndrome Coalition is working to cure the most common cause of combined deafness and blindness.
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Human Rights
Clean Water
New Zealand boasts a rich biodiversity and has a thriving tourism sector based on the sweeping landscapes that characterize the country.1 Thus, the government and the Ministry of the Environment are very concerned with how climate change will negatively affect the countryâ's environment.2 New Zealand could see rising average temperatures, a rise in the sea level, irregular rainfall, and an increase in storms. In order to plan for and mitigate these effects, New Zealand has begun developing adaptation and preparation plans to the infrastructure in order to minimize the results.3 By 2050, the temperature will rise by more than 1 degree Celsius and there will be hotter summers and much colder winters.4 The water resources in the country will diminish resources in the North and ...See More East and drastically increase in the West. Climate change will also increase the instances of droughts and floods.5 The government of New Zealand has developed the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme in order to reduce the overall amount of greenhouse gases in the energy, forestry, and agricultural sectors.6 Show Less

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New Zealand News

Courts in New Zealand and India have granted legal personhood status to three rivers. The strange status is meant to protect the waters from pollution, but the measure could lead to unintended consequences, while undermining efforts to grant personhood ... See more..
New Zealand Herald 
HAMILTON, New Zealand (AP) " South Africa won the toss Saturday and elected to bat in the third cricket test against New Zealand at Seddon Park. The toss was delayed by 30 minutes because of slightly damp conditions but no overs have been lost. Proteas ... See more.. 
While most of the 40,000-plus concertgoers at Auckland Mt Smart Stadium can claim Thursday's as the night of their life, it's even more special for one of them. Jazmine Nixon was told to reach under her seat by Adele, only to discover the pop singer ... See more..
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March 24 (UPI) -- Each new earthquake offers scientists a chance to better understand the dynamics of regional fault systems and improve predictive analytics. A team of NASA scientists and New Zealand researchers are using last year's magnitude 7.8 ... See more.. 
The Kiwi nanny who became known for a dance video with her grandson has died. Last year, Jarryd Stoneman, from Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast, shared a video of him dancing with his "nanny" Katie Thomas. The show of love was shared around the ... See more..
BBC News 
New Zealand's environment minister has been challenged to a fist fight by a conservationist over the government's "swimmable rivers" policy. Conservation trust manager Greg Byrnes posted an advert in the local paper calling on Dr Nick Smith to meet him ... See more..
Afghan villagers at the centre of a deadly SAS raid have enlisted the help of New Zealand lawyers who are calling for an independent inquiry into the alleged "revenge attack". It follows claims in Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson's new book Hit & Run ... See more.. 
2) New Zealand's M*A*S*H unit: At least Hawkeye Pierce was able to make light at times of the meatball surgery he had to perform in Korea - it's been hard to spot much joy among the Black Caps in Hamilton after their two experienced new-ball bowlers ... See more.. 
The family of a New Zealand soldier killed in Afghanistan are distressed their son's death has been brought up again in a controversial book. Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell​, 28, was killed in Bamiyan in Afghanistan in 2010. His family are upset at a book ... See more..
The Government have granted Peter Fury dispensation to enter New Zealand for Hughie Fury's fight against Joseph Parker on May 6. Peter Fury, who is Hughie's trainer and father, was earlier in the week denied entry into the country because of two stints ... See more..
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Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia

Total 267,710 sq km
Land 267,710 sq km
Water NA

***NOTE*** includes Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands, Campbell Island, Chatham Islands, and Kermadec Islands

temperate with sharp regional contrasts ;
Natural Resources

natural gas, iron ore, sand, coal, timber, hydropower, gold, limestone ;
Natural Hazards

earthquakes are common, though usually not severe; volcanic activity

volcanism: significant volcanism on North Island; Ruapehu (elev. 2,797 m), which last erupted in 2007, has a history of large eruptions in the past century; Taranaki has the potential to produce dangerous avalanches and lahars; other historically active volcanoes include Okataina, Raoul Island, Tongariro, and White Island significant volcanism on North Island; Ruapehu (elev. 2,797 m), which last erupted in 2007, has a history of large eruptions in the past century; Taranaki has the potential to produce dangerous avalanches and lahars; other historically active volcanoes include Okataina, Raoul Island, Tongariro, and White Island ;
Current Environmental Issues

deforestation; soil erosion; native flora and fauna hard-hit by invasive species ;


New Zealand
4,365,113 (July 2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups


Over the past 20 years the government has transformed New Zealand from an agrarian economy dependent on concessionary British market access to a more industrialized, free market economy that can compete globally. This dynamic growth has boosted real incomes - but left behind some at the bottom of the ladder - and broadened and deepened the technological capabilities of the industrial sector. Per capita income rose for ten consecutive years until 2007 in purchasing power parity terms, but fell in 2008-09. Debt-driven consumer spending drove robust growth in the first half of the decade, helping fuel a large balance of ...See More payments deficit that posed a challenge for economic managers. Inflationary pressures caused the central bank to raise its key rate steadily from January 2004 until it was among the highest in the OECD in 2007-08; international capital inflows attracted to the high rates further strengthened the currency and housing market, however, aggravating the current account deficit. The economy fell into recession before the start of the global financial crisis and contracted for five consecutive quarters in 2008-09. In line with global peers, the central bank cut interest rates aggressively and the government developed fiscal stimulus measures. The economy posted a 2% decline in 2009, but pulled out of recession late in the year, and achieved roughly 2% per year growth in 2010-12. Nevertheless, key trade sectors remain vulnerable to weak external demand. The government plans to raise productivity growth and develop infrastructure, while reining in government spending. Show Less ;
GDP Purchasing Power Parity

$134.2 billion (2012 est.); $130.8 billion (2011 est.); $129 billion (2010 est.)
Gross National Saving

15.1% of GDP (2012 est.); 14.5% of GDP (2011 est.); 16% of GDP (2010 est.)
Agriculture Products

dairy products, lamb and mutton; wheat, barley, potatoes, pulses, fruits, vegetables; wool, beef; fish

food processing, wood and paper products, textiles, machinery, transportation equipment, banking and insurance, tourism, mining