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Business Insider 
Originally built by banker and businessman Benjamin de Rothschild, the so-called "Girasol" is set on more than seven acres of land on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy, or St. Barts. Its current owner is former hedge fund manager Bruce Kovner ... See more..
Newswise (press release) 
Titled Environmental Conservation in Saint Barthélemy – Current knowledge and research recommendations, the report was produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which conducted an assessment of the status of the island's ecosystems. See more.. 
After serving for three years as an ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy left her post in January. And on Sunday, Kennedy, 59, seemed to be enjoying the respite as she and her family — husband Edwin Schlossberg, 71, and daughter Tatiana, 26 — took ... See more..
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Daily Mail 
So it's no surprise that American fashion designer Calvin Klein chose to escape to St. Barths this week as he was spotted sunning it up on Shell Beach. The 74-year-old reclined on a sunbed in a pair of white shorts and enjoyed the company of an ... See more..
Daily Mail 
Caroline Kennedy enjoyed a beach vacation in St Barts with her family Sunday, as she figures out her next career move after three years as ambassador to Japan. The 59-year-old was spotted with her husband, American designer Edwin Schlossberg, and ... See more..
L'accident s'est produit ce matin entre Saint-Barthélémy et Melrand, près de Baud. Une collision entre trois voitures s'est produite ce mercredi, vers 10 h 45, à Tréblavet. La première venait de la direction Melrand et tournait à un croisement quand ... See more..
Guadeloupe 1ère 
Sans réelle surprise, la liste de Bruno Magras remporte l'élection territoriale, au premier tour, à Saint-Barthélemy. See more..
Celebrity Net Worth 
A retired hedge fund manager is looking to part with a pretty piece of Caribbean property. The multi-acre spread, located on the island of St. Barts, is now on the market for $67 million. Care for your very own private beach? How about your own ... See more..
Boulevard Voltaire 
La France est fracturée en deux camps. Ce n'est ni une fracture ethnique, ni économique, ni générationnelle, c'est une fracture idéologique. Christophe Servan. See more..
Le Ploërmelais 
L'un, avec à son bord un homme de 84 ans, circulait dans le sens Melrand-Saint-Barthélemy. L'autre, conduit par une femme de 85 ans, arrivait en face, dans le sens Saint-Barthélemy-Melrand. Le conducteur de 84 ans a voulu traverser le carrefour mais a ... See more..
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