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Sint Maarten is known for its coral reefs, igneous rocks, and tropical climate. The southern islands are hilly with a lower elevation. The arid climate is good for cacti and other desert plants; other vegetation has been destroyed by overgrazing. 1 The Dutch government is involved in efforts to preserve the diverse marine life and coral reefs around the island.2

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Sint Maarten News 
The first planeload of evacuees from the hurricane-ravaged island of Sint Maarten has taken off for Eindhoven. Around 100 people are being flown to the Netherlands from neighbouring Curaçao. At the same time, 550 Dutch soldiers are travelling in the ... See more.. 
A Dutch naval vessel has arrived on Sint-Maarten with 1,000 tonnes of aid to help rebuild the island in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The Karel Doorman left Den ... See more..
Naples Daily News 
He brought hurricane supplies in his luggage — including two knives, flashlights, batteries and zip-close bags — like he always does when he goes to Sint Maarten. Those supplies and others he acquired on the island helped the couple survive and feel ... See more..
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Curacao Chronicle 
Emsley Tromp WILLEMSTAD - The Council of Ministers of both Curaçao and Sint Maarten agreed last week with the recommendation of the Supervisory Board of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) to dismiss President Emsley Tromp. See more..
Travel Weekly 
ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada -- Tourism officials from some hurricane-impacted islands appeared at the Caribbean Tourism Organization's annual State of the ... See more..
NL Times 
Rebuilding Sint Maarten after the devastation Hurricane Irma left behind, will cost hundreds of millions of euros at least, Minister Ronald Plasterk of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations said in the Tweede Kamer on Thursday. From next week Friday, the ... See more.. (press release) (subscription) 
The decision to place the ratings on review was prompted by the economic and fiscal impact of Hurricane Irma on Sint Maarten. Sint Maarten is part of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, the other half being French territory. Prior to 2010 Sint ... See more..
The Daily Advance 
This photo by former Perquimans County resident James Baggett shows the Fahrenheit Road Community in Cole Bay, Sint Maarten, following the devastation of Hurricane Irma on Sept. 6. The red-outlined boxes are sites flagged by Baggett, who has lived on ... See more..
DVIDS (press release) 
The leadership element of JTF-LI requested Spearhead's assistance in transportation and equipment lift from Sint Maarten to the island of Martinique. JTF-LI relocated their headquarters to Martinique after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico—the ... See more..
Palm Beach Daily News 
The food and supplies, which are being sent to the people of Middle Region, St. Maarten, are desperately needed by the residents there, Pardi said. Without any electricity, they are unable to work and therefore can't make money to pay for the scarcely ... See more..
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