Help Trafficked Moms & Their Children: Activate Our Residential Program

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Project Description

We have very recently renovated and beautifully decorated a property in central Lake County, IL. We need financial support to staff and activate this property. Our focus will be to house women who have been sex trafficked, with a specific emphasis on mothers who have children. This is a gap in sex trafficking recovery services, as there are no other organizations in Illinois that focus on residential programming for trafficked moms and their children. (In fact, we can't find any in the entire US).

Single moms can be particularly vulnerable to being manipulated into trafficking or being targeted by predators due to their desperation to provide for their kids and a lack of childcare. The BBC reported that 70% of women in prostitution and trafficking have children. Research shows that half of the children of mothers in prostitution or trafficking end up sold for sex as well. 87% of women in this life know of a child that has died. This is not OK!

We will not only be helping the moms recover, but providing prevention, a safe haven and healing for their children. Will you help protect mother and child by donating to help open our doors?

In Chicagoland alone, there are an estimated 16,000 to 24,000 women and girls being exploited for commercial sex. In most cases, the victim is being illegally trafficked -- forced, coerced or defrauded. The damage to the body, soul, and spirit of those who survive is often horrific and requires an intensive recovery program.

There are less than 50 residential recovery program beds in Illinois. We must add more programs to assist individuals to recover and rebuild their lives, prevent others from ending up in this traumatic and violent situation, and provide vast education so that we can all recognize the signs and help the vulnerable be rescued out of this painful life.

We are so grateful that you are considering supporting our mission to educate and engage the community, to prevent domestic commercial sexual exploitation, and to provide comprehensive restorative care to survivors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and engage the community to prevent domestic (US-based) commercial sexual exploitation and to provide comprehensive, restorative care to survivors. Our vision is to create an engaged and compassionate community where sexual exploitation is not tolerated, human rights and dignity are valued, and the lives of both victims and perpetrators are being restored through God-centered relationships.

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