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Project Description

Pastor Jean Paul had a deep passion to bring hope to children by connecting with them and showing them love. He would walk through his village trying to connect with children but they never paid him any attention. One day all of that changed. Jean Paul changed his title from Pastor to Coach. On this day he walked through the village with a ball in his hand and the children ran to meet him on the field. Football is an incredible tool and if executed properly can change the lives of children. In September 2018 we first opened two turf fields on the roof of a local church and for a little over a year enjoyed a glimpse of something beautiful. Boys and girls from the surrounding communities had access to safe playing grounds with caring coaches, men from the community found friendships and a safe place to play in the evenings, the youth had an avenue to showcase and improve their skills, and coaches found a place to grow as father-figure coaches reaching other parts of the city and the country. During the holidays, we used the fields to run football camps and especially focused on empowering and impacting the girls from the nearby slum who are prone to early teenage pregnancies. In the one year that the fields were in operation, we reached out to 17,704 children, youth, adults, and corporate partners through tournaments, training sessions, community outreach, and holiday camps. One story of impact from the facility was a girl named Judy*. We met her when she was 15 years old and living in Mukuru slum. She was a bright student with a radiant smile who faced many challenges in her day to day life. During the girls football camp she shared with Josephine, one of our coaches, that her mom recently lost her job so she could not afford to pay her school fees or put enough food on the table. Judy was feeling pressured to get money in exchange for sex. Josephine listened to Judy, encouraged her and helped her see that this was not a good path to take. Mary left the camp feeling more hopeful of the future, with a friend and mentor in Josephine. We have seen hope spreading through the connections developing on the fields, but sadly, after a year of operations the building started leaking rainwater from the rooftop to the rooms below due to a unusually heavy rainy season. This was a great inconvenience to the building's operations and as a result, the fields had to be closed down temporarily so that repairs could be made. The fields are still closed as we write this. We have tasted the potential of the impact the fields can have in the lives of girls like Mary, coaches like Josephine and many others who encountered the love of God through the game of football. We long to see that restored and developed even further … and you can help. Our plan is to put a covering over the fields to ensure a fully functioning rooftop facility and to develop more fields in the compound. Would you join us in bringing hope to this city, country, and region? Your donation helps to repair the building, restore the fields, and develop new fields in order to create a safe place for people to come together to play, learn, and love. Every dollar will go toward the development of facilities which are beacons of hope in the community. *not her real name

Our Mission

To communicate the good news of Jesus to all people through football.

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Children , Education , Family and Religion

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