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Church Building in Mozambique

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Project Description

Daniel Moiana is the National Director for Ambassadors in Mozambique. His heart for ministry and reaching out led him to start a Church close to where he lives, after doing football outreach in that area. Through this ministry, many lives have been transformed and the needs of the community met. The church building was made from delicate material which was old and rustic. Therefore, after 5 months of quarantine because of COVID, the building fell apart. Churches and other programs have started re-opening in Mozambique and Daniel is excited to go back to running his programs and church. Daniel and the team in Mozambique need your help in building a new church building that will be effective and long lasting, being a home for the people in his community. Our goal is to raise USD 2,000 which will go towards creating a good structure and clean toilets with fresh water so that the government of Mozambique approves the re-opening. Thank you.

Our Mission

To communicate the good news of Jesus to all people through football.

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