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CouldYou? Giving Tuesday: Giving girls an education, a hope and a future with the CouldYou? Cup


Project Description

Nilsa* is a Mozambican teenager who lost both of her parents in the cyclone that devastated parts of Mozambique and surrounding countries. She was all alone, in a refugee camp and unable to afford menstrual hygiene products. She resorted to using rags, papers and leaves which eventually led to her developing life-threatening vaginal infections. She was rushed to the hospital where her open wounds were treated. Nilsa’s nurse told her about the CouldYou? Cup and Nilsa asked if she could have one. The nurse contacted CouldYou? and Nilsa has been using our cup and loves it. Inspired by her perseverance, CouldYou? is enrolling Nilsa in a boarding school to study nursing and one of our local staff members is opening her home up for Nilsa during holidays. Further on, CouldYou has resolved to provide for Nilsa’s siblings (who are living with an uncle) for the reminder of Nilsa’s schooling. This is not an isolated incident; every month, 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school while they are menstruating (in many rural areas, that number is 95-100%). This often leads to them having to drop out of school. CouldYou? is deeply committed to changing this reality and to make sure that no girl misses school because of menstruation. Our solution? The CouldYou? menstrual cup; it’s reusable for 10 years, is made from medical-grade silicone, can be inserted for 12 hours without having to be emptied out. Ending period poverty is not just about providing a product, however, it’s about breaking menstruation-related stigmas and misconceptions. To accomplish this, we have launched a wide variety of initiatives. With each distribution we do educational workshops with both boys and girls about menstruation, sexual consent, etc. The video above showcases another one of our initiatives; in collaboration with Positivo, we produced a music video about the CouldYou? Cup and menstruation, we hope you will love it as much as we do!. Haniah*, a teenager from Ghana, is another inspirational girl we’ve met during our outreaches. After receiving a cup; she was asked what she would do with the money she’d save from no longer having to buy tampons/pads each month. Her response? Pay the school fees so her younger sister could attend school too. . These girls are just a couple of the awe-inspiring individuals whose lives we’ve been able to change, but there are many more out there. Some that we have already been able to help and some that desperately needs our help, and we need you to reach more girls, to change more lives, to change the world. Could You join us in helping girls like Nilsa, Henai and her younger sister realize and reach their full potential? Could You give girls hope and a future? Could You change the world? . *Name has been changed.

Our Mission

CouldYou? (CY) is a US nonprofit that develops and scales transformational solutions to impact poverty. We do this by identifying both the partners and the proven solutions, by connecting them with the resources and those in the community that can affect real change, and delivering these solutions together. For over ten years, CY has been working with partners committed to listening, innovating, and delivering on their best to see transformation in Mozambique and around the world. Over the next ten years, we’re expanding our impact to change the world. Could you join us?

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