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Raise Up 12,000 Children’s Ministry Leaders

Every Generation Ministries

Project Description

Children experience transformation in Christ when they build relationships with loving children’s ministry leaders who help make the Bible come alive. One of the ways EGM partners with churches is by training up effective children’s ministry leaders. Using a biblical model of discipleship found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, we aim to raise up leaders who minister to children with heart transformation in mind. The average EGM children’s leader worldwide ministers to 9 children each Sunday. This means that training just one will multiply EGM’s impact in the lives of children. Our goal is to raise up over 12,000 more leaders worldwide in the next year, directly impacting over 108,000 children for Christ. [$500] can support one children’s ministry training seminar hosted by a national ministry team. [$1,000] can support one national ministry team’s development of teacher-trainers in the next year. [$3,000] can support digital adaptation of EGM’s children’s ministry training programs. [$5,000] can support a national ministry team’s children’s ministry leader training for the next year. [$10,000] can support children’s ministry leader training in one region (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East) for the next year. ** Please note: we estimate the cost of our ministry work in an effort to best attribute your donations to the activities you choose to fund. While we do our best, timelines and budgets can change, and so we reserve the right to utilize funding in an unrestricted manner to best support the ministry.

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Transforming children in Christ through His Church

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