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Healing Companions Dog Fence Project

Healing Companions, Inc.

Project Description

As we all know, COVID-19 has drastically changed our lives and has also limited Healing Companions in providing psychiatric service dogs to help those with mental illness. Throughout the pandemic, being unable to use our traditional training area, we have worked to explore new tactics and strategies to provide these services; specifically finding a new way to train dogs outdoors in a safe environment. However, locating public access training is extremely difficult now and we would greatly appreciate help from our supporters! We are in the midst of constructing a new training center to avoid future delays and cancellations. Donations now would help cover the cost of keeping our pups and their handlers learning and playing together. Play is an integral part of keeping the dogs happy and building the bond between dog and handler. Every amount helps no matter the size! Our goal is $7,000-10,000 to cover the training center and equipment. This is a chance to support a great organization and help to save the lives of both shelter dogs and people. Donate NOW! We hope everyone is safe and doing well and thank you for the support during this difficult time!

Our Mission

Through the benefits of psychiatric service dogs, Healing Companions, Inc. is dedicated in our mission to assist individuals severely limited in their ability to function due to mental illness so that they can lead lives with dignity, productivity, freedom and self-reliance. Healing Companions, Inc. is committed to creating a greater awareness of the healing benefits of psychiatric service dogs and incorporating shelter and rescue dogs whenever possible in its program.

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