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Human Rights- Free Ad Grant Management

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Project Description

PWI Foundation exists to help nonprofits reach their goals in fundraising and visibility. We work with thousands of nonprofits and many aim to support human rights. Nonprofits on our site within the human rights cause cover everything from fighting against human trafficking, advocating for disability rights, and aiding refugees. Help support a nonprofit with the "Human Rights" cause by contributing to free Google Ad Grant Management. It costs $3,000 to manage a nonprofit's Google Ad Grant account. The Google Ad Grant is offered to eligible nonprofits to receive $120,000 worth of Ads each year to increase their online presence. Nonprofits often have a hard time utilizing the Google Ad Grant as it requires online advertising expertise. Project World Impact is a Google Certified Partner and can fully take advantage of the Google Ad Grant on a nonprofit's behalf. We would love to award a nonprofit with the "Human Rights" cause Google Ad Grant Management. Help us reach $3,000 so we can grant a nonprofit FREE Google Ad Grant Management and take their digital marketing to the next level.

Our Mission

The PWI Foundation’s Mission is to raise financial and material support, advance public awareness, and develop collaborative solutions to help address the most significant humanitarian and educational challenges in the United States and World.