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TAKING A STAND FOR THE OPPRESSED! Dova International Charities is partnering with Iraqi Christian Relief Council and St. George Chaldean Church to fund a volleyball playing field and youth recreational center for the Christian children in Teleskuf, in Nineveh Plain of Iraq. THE IMPACT OF ISIS IN IRAQ. In 2014, ISIS attacked the Christian village of Teleskuf, Iraq. Local families were hit extremely hard and were forced to rebuild their community. To this day the children in Teleskuf had to learn how to transition which ultimately caused them to lose much of their childhood. Due to the devastation caused by ISIS, the children living in Teleskuf were left with no place to gather and interact with one another. To address this problem, we want to build a youth recreational center to provide children with team-building activities, technology, arts and crafts, access to restroom facilities, and locker rooms. Through the available resources at the recreational center, our youth will be able to learn leadership skills, life skills, and build interpersonal relationships. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Your donation will fund the youth recreational facility that will give great relief, help, and healing for persecuted Christian children in Teleskuf, Iraq. Every dollar makes a difference. Please consider making a donation today. *Your gift of $25.00 will purchase volleyball net accessories so that the volley ball field will be complete for the kids to enjoy the team sport together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for persecuted Christians, educate the public regarding their persecution, and to raise funds so that we can provide all forms of assistance and humanitarian aid to persecuted Christians in great need. We are continually looking for opportunities to assist persecuted Christians.

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