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Empowering Mayan Girls Through Education

Finding Freedom through Friendship, Inc.

Project Description

Did you know that the majority of adult indigenous Mayan women never graduate from primary school in Guatemala? Gender-based educational inequality is a global epidemic. Several factors inhibit the pursuit of education for indigenous women, such as the pressure to drop out of school to work in order to provide income for their families, and societal pressures forcing women to enter marriage at early ages. Finding Freedom through Friendship's Student Sponsorship program works to provide the resources for young girls to ensure that they may stay in school, giving them the opportunity to pursue an education that increases their likelihood of obtaining better jobs, and provides self-empowerment through learning. Through donations, we are hoping to increase funding for our program, so that we may provide these young girls with the necessary means for achieving an education. It costs $250 to fund a young girl’s education for an entire school year. With your help, we hope to achieve the means necessary to send all 47 of the girls in our Student Sponsorship program to school, to foster learning, growth, and opportunity for indigenous Guatemalan girls.

Our Mission

Finding Freedom through Friendship (FFF) is a nonprofit focused on females and children in endemic deprivation to reverse the yoke of poverty through provisions of shelter, health, nutrition, education and economic skills for long-term sustainability at the individual and community level. As of January 2020, FFF has 40 widow particpants in our program. In 2018, FFF launched the Karma Women's Development Center (KWDC) in El Minya, Egypt. KWDC’s mission is to build a sustainable environment to enable women and youth to acquire a tangible skill to advance their social economic situation, promote social equality, address abuse

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