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Pursue Unity 2022

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Project Description

Pursue Scholars is an urban leadership development nonprofit that invests in emerging leaders from neighborhoods across Chicago to influence lasting impact in our city. We train and inspire young leaders to successfully complete college while also growing as leaders. In 2020, a small group of staff and supporters of Pursue Scholars walked the entire 24 miles of Western Ave in Chicago to raise awareness and money. By the time it was finished, we had doubled our initial financial goal and raised $100,000 to invest in the emerging urban leaders. Pursue Unity is a fundraising walk across the entire 197 blocks of Western Ave., the longest continuous street in the city of Chicago. This journey across the city of Chicago brings our walkers through many of the diverse neighborhoods that our scholars come from. In 2021, three of our scholars led the way. They committed in January and began working with our team to prepare the campaign. They trained physically. They contacted their network to garner support. They helped to promote the event. ending up raising $162,500. We are inspired by these bold steps of leadership that these young people are taking and continue to make. For Pursue Unity 2022, we have a goal of raising $200,000. Will you consider a generous donation to invest in these young leaders? Join us in pursuing unity by… Listening to those who think differently than you. Walking alongside people from a background that is not your own. Investing in the emerging leaders of Pursue Scholars.

Our Mission

Pursue Scholars holistically invests in emerging urban leaders in pursuit of higher education.

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$159,765 out of $200,000