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Language is fluid and meanings change over time. Today, join us is just as likely to be an invitation to ‘like’ a social media page as it is an invitation to a social gathering; talk to you later has the expectation of an abbreviated text message; and go here is more likely to be followed by a web address than a street address. 

However, at Greenwich House, when we say we are here we intend it with the same meaning it had 113 years ago when we first opened our doors. 

We are musicians and ceramicists who provide hands-on instruction for students of all ages interested in learning a new skill. We are dedicated teachers who offer tailored guidance to children expressing themselves, building confidence as they explore new mediums. We are drug counselors with the personal touch to help those struggling with addiction remain committed to recovery. We are licensed social workers who walk seniors through the physical and mental struggles of aging. 

While we are here can often imply at the other end of a hotline, Greenwich House is truly rooted in the physical, a quality that can’t be conferred with an HTML code. We are the original message board, a place where people come to learn from each other, support each other and feel a part of a community. In the settlement house tradition, we are a place where people can come to lead a more fulfilling life. 

Our Mission

The mission of Greenwich House is to help individuals and families lead more fulfilling lives by offering social and health services, cultural and educational programs, and opportunities for civic involvement to New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds.

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