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While many would choose to involve themselves in our mission through opportunities like our hosting programs or mission trips, there are committed supporters who would prefer to walk with us through crowdfunding options. With our Supporting Host Families Fund, Frontier Horizon seeks to collect the needed resources for motivated new hosting applicants who hesitate only at the steep initial cost. The cost of safe and comfortable international travel can be intimidating to first-time families, and the fee is sometimes the sole reason parents may choose not to host. If you have the means to help our cause and are looking for a way to support us from a distance, please consider donating an amount of your choice to bridge the gap between the waiting orphans and the loving families who want them. This project aims to raise $16,000 in preparation for the Winter Hosting Program 2020. Whether or not we successfully reach this goal, 100% of the money raised will go directly to first-time host families and covering the cost of travel. Should we reach our 16K goal, these funds would cover 78% of the hosting fees for seven homes, significantly reducing the financial hurdles of bringing the orphans to the sweet embrace of a new home. Our hosting programs are lifechanging opportunities for children otherwise isolated in destitute situations. The connections made often lead to adoption, and those who opt not to adopt still create lasting relationships. Your support opens doors of opportunity for children to see the world and experience family love.

Our Mission

Frontier Horizon's mission is to improve the health, education, and general welfare of orphaned and impoverished children and communities in Ukraine and Nicaragua.

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Individuals who donate $160 (1% of our goal) or more will receive a thank you card from our staff with a photo of the sponsored children for their fridge.