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Kristen Egan

Judson University Softball Team

Judson University

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2022-2023 Softball Team

Students on the Softball team were strengthened through team building, spiritual focus, competition, and the life hardships that were presented this past year.  Witnessing their determination and commitment to their teammates, as well as their dedication to their academic studies, is truly a testament to the goodness of God. 

This past year, the softball program had a new coach at the helm.  Creating a foundation and culture was imperative.  Our program focused on Coach Hayworth’s “Top Five”:

1) Be a great teammate

2) Manners Matter

3) Trust

4) Toughness

5) Commitment

Our program not only focuses on these items from a softball standpoint, but we actively take these into practices and put them into our everyday lives.  

The softball program focused on what it means to be a female athlete. What does it look like?  What does it sound like?  The softball program has been greatly challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Every Thursday our program comes together before practice and participates in “Thankful Thursday.”  We take on real life issues we may be facing and come together by faith to help us get through and remember why we are all here.  Through the madness that has been this past year, students were able to further develop their individual skills and abilities, while also growing as a team, and strengthening their faith.  This year the softball team will continue to build the foundation, look to be a top contender within the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference, and return to the NCCAA national championship.

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