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Christine TreDenick

Christine TreDenick Belize 2022

Judson University

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THANK YOU, the goal has been exceeded, over $2600!

UPDATE as of 02/01/2022. This year the team will be going without me. With a sad heart I decided due to the current COVID situation and post surgical risks I can not put my health at risk.

No worries, your donations will still be going towards home visit needs, as well as the medical supplies needed by the team, along with Bibles and Bible study materials for the ladies in the church.

Please continue to pray for safety and the health of the team and the community they will serve. This trip truly makes an impact to this village of friends.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support, in both gifts and prayers! Blessings - Christine

UPDATED to include cash donations given to people in the community of San Antonio Rio Hondo through the church.  In the past these cash donations have gone to families due to lack of work, medical needs like medicine and dialysis, for basic food needs and safety needs due to domestic abuse. Donations are needed.

I am very excited to share with you that over Spring Break 2022 (March 4-12) we have been given the opportunity to travel to the country of Belize with a team of students, alumni, and the President of Judson University. This will be my eighth trip to visit the same village of San Antonio Rio Hondo. God has opened up this opportunity for us to continue to partner with the local church in Belize. Our main goal of the trip is to encourage the pastors and long-term workers in the country and provide short-term ministry assistance with the aim of a long-term partnership and impact.   Last year the first of several students from the village we serve, graduated from Judson University.  This brings even more opportunities to deepen our connections. 

Our team will be reaching out to the people of Belize by leading church services, building relationships through sports ministry, teaching vacation bible school programs, and helping with service projects. We will be serving alongside a pastor in a community that has specifically asked for encouragement and assistance in their work! We are excited to be able to assist in the work that God is already doing in Belize! 

I have found my place to serve in home visits and women’s ministry.  I have been blessed to meet people through listening and praying with people and their families. I also have been blessed to bring many medical supplies and dietary education.

I am asking you most importantly for your support in prayer for my team that will be traveling to Belize.  Pray that our actions and words can reach a child’s life, a woman’s heart and an elder’s soul. Pray that we can be a light of hope for those who need it.  Please also pray that our own lives can be forever impacted as we learn from the people of Belize and as we humble ourselves before God.

Thank you (so much!) in advance for your generosity in considering contributing to my trip and the medical supplies that I bring. I pray that your gift will not only bless the both of us, but everyone we meet in Belize. I will be sure to update you on my trip upon my return, as I am positive it will be a life-changing experience.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Blessings to you and you families.


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  • Christine TreDenick
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God Bless!
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Happy Birthday and best wishes!
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Happy Birthday, Christine!
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