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Christine Garde Denning

CouldYou?Rebuild Beira Updates

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Join CouldYou? in helping our team and community in Beira, Mozambique rebuild after cyclone Idai decimated the city.

We wanted to share an upate on Beira with you. As many of you know on March 15th, cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The city of Beira was hit the hardest and the damages were catastrophic! 90% of the town was destoyed and In the neighborhood where CouldYou?-funded Young Leader School and our CouldYou? office was located, 600 people have been found dead and they are still locating bodies. Officials are estimating up to a 1000 people will have lost their lives in Beira alone. That coupled with fast spreading cholera from the damaged water supply is making this the deadliest weather-related disaster to hit the southern hemisphere. Our school and office were destroyed but in the last two weeks, our Country Director Manuel Jeque Francisco was able to purchase a generator, tents, and food for those desperately in need with the money that has been donated so far. He was able to work hard with many people donating their time and labor to rebuild and reopen the temporary school/shelter last Wednesday! Then another tragedy struck... over the weekend, Manuel Jeque was targeted by thieves who robbed and stabbed him in his home. He lost everything but is currently recovering in the hospital from stab wounds to his legs and head and even in the face of complete adversity he is more determined now to rebuild and help these children that need him the most. In his words to Christine, "It is poverty and desperation that causes many of the young people to turn to drugs and violent crime.  We must change this reality."  He is truly an inspiration and we humbly ask for your prayers for recovery for Manuel Jeque as well as this precious city. We also found out this week that Manuel Jeque was nominated by the US Embassy for a servant leadership award and at this time we can't possibly think of someone more deserving. We are lucky to have him on the ground as a true ambassador and champion of the poor.

It means the world to have your support and rest assured knowing that all proceeds go directly to Beira and the rebuilding and healing of Beira. 


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  • Melinda Card
  • Elisabeth McMahon
  • Aimer Blackham
  • Kathleen Feeney
  • William Lesner
  • SuziDave Turley
  • Katie Houck
  • Alex Nickell
  • ShannonSteve Hardy
  • andy bowley
  • Stephen Hanson
  • Milt & Nila Burgess
  • tracey sonneborn
  • Michelle SAINTE
  • Eileen Kooreman
  • Eileen Cassidy
  • Deborah Clark
  • Erin Griebel
  • Julianna Benfica
  • Rob and Karen Sprague
  • Pedro Boregaard
  • Joshua Benson
  • Ayme Mower
  • Kathleen Oleary
  • GeriAl Beaty
  • Rich and Peggy Abrom
  • Kari Byrd
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