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International Standard Buddhist Monastery, Meditation Centre & Social Welfare Complex

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Change The Mind …… Change the World ……. Wishing you all on behalf of the “ World Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA)”

Our running projects :

Name of Projects    :   International Standard, Meditation Centre & Social Welfare Complex    

Location                  :   Purbachal Residential Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Representative        :  World  Buddhist Association in Bangladesh (WBA)

Total Land               :  40.148 Katha  = 72.608 Decimal  = 30,946.73 Sqf  = 2.108.Bigha

Activities :

#   Educations Centre for formal & informal of streets Children’s, orphanage and poor students.

#  Occupational & Vocational training Centre for all the poor and helpless merit students.

#  Health Care Centre for poor & helpless peoples all over the Country in all the casts

#  Orphanage house for Streets Children’s / Autistics Children’s / Old aged peoples. 

#  Guest house for foreign delegations on minimum charges

#   International Standard Meditation Centre, Monastery, Training Centre for Local & Foreigners.  

#   Cemetery for Local & foreigner Community peoples

#   Local & International Cultural training institute, Religious Library & Social functions Centre.

#  International Conference Centre for all the local and foreigners by minimum charges.

#  Auditorium to arrange seminar on Inter religion harmony, humanity and world peace etc.,

#   Provide scholarship to the poor & meritorious students.

#  Orientation Centre to create social awareness against drug addiction, child abuse, child labor and human trafficking, help to the victims of natural calamities and wretched etc.

To complete this projects, we need approximate fund USD 1.00 Million (BDT. 8,60,00,000.00) including land price but bad luck due to fund crisis we couldn’t run our projects and others related works smoothly. So we are seeking your kind assistance  for this projects as our kind hearted well-wisher and developing partner, otherwise it’s very difficult for us to complete this projects.  

We have no rights to disturb you about this issue but bad luck as a minority community finically we are not solvent to run this projects or have no any lobbyist  and donors who can assist us to implement our projects. That’s why we are begging your kind support and cordially request you to extend your helping hand by Donation or Loan from your good kind hearted Organizations to complete this projects for human being and betterment of mankind. Your contribution will be recorded in our golden frame forever as our exclusive Representative / Associate / Developing partners.

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