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Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer Scotland 2023

Judson University

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“Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone" Mark 16:15

 Hey! My name is Jessi Meyer I am excited to share with you that I was picked to attend the Mission Trip to Scotland just shortly after the school year. I have wanted to attend a mission trip in order to help others for a long time and now have the opportunity to do it I will be attending this mission trip with my team of people from Judson University. God has opened the door for us to partner with the Eric Liddel Community in Edinburgh. 

   The Eric Liddel Community is a charity and community founded in 1980 in memory of the 1924 Olympics gold medalist, Eric Liddel. The center we will be attending is located in the heart of the community and provides a range of service to meet the needs of various age groups. A primary area of service that we will get to help with is enhancing the health and well-being of dementia patients and their care givers as they offer daycare Servies for the patient's art activities fitness classes educational classes and more.

      With my team at Judson, I will be partnering with the Eric Liddel Community in providing food service support, organizing and setting up their resale clothing shop to benefit the community, assistance as needed in dementia/ health care services as well as marketing support. 

      I am looking forward to this mission trip so that I can use my social skills, people skills, and previous background in working with dementia patients in order to show people who god really is in a country I've never been. This mission trip will allow me that chance to branch and improve my relationship with god through helping others. 

Thanks for reading my story!!

  Have a great day and God Bless 

Jessi Meyer 

  • Dana Mitchell
  • Carol Gallant
  • Sarah Walter
  • Brenda Wing OLSON
  • Jeffrey Meyer
  • Jeffrey Meyer


Jeffrey Meyer
From Anonymous
Brenda Wing OLSON
Love ya Jadyn!! Have fun on this trip! Here's to your adventure!
Sarah Walter
This sounds like a great experience.
Carol Gallant
Good luck! Love you
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