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Kristen Egan

2022 Korean Scholarship Fund

Judson University

$3,625 (18%) Raised $16,375 To Go
60% Complete


Korean Scholarship Fund

Proceeds from this concert will fund scholarships for Korean music students who wish to gain a foot-hold in the western world of music by earning a Performance Certificate in Music offered at Judson University.

  • Kyung Koo
  • Sam Shim
  • Jo Shim
  • young kim
  • Yoon Chang
  • Irene Sohn
  • Euyil Hahn
  • Chiyong Whang
  • Kay Rho
  • eunyoung lee
  • Joyce Beutler
  • Ho Kim
  • Soon Kim
  • Sue Chang
  • Hoon Kim


Hoon Kim
God bless to student
Ho Kim
For Judson University Korean Fund
Joyce Beutler
May God bless your fund raising!!
Irene Sohn
Sorry I am not able to attend this year’s concert, but look forward to attending next year!
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