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One of the ways to improve life is through acquiring needful knowledge and use it wisely for positive change, under positive guidance.

The library project construction will help many children and youths improve in life careers, an exposure that shall provide different education activities to embrace the organization's goal and see that it is achieved. The project is set to lift in Nsefu chiefdom of the Mambwe district of Eastern Province, Zambia. Rural areas in Zambia have approximately 75% of children and youths that are lacking quality education due to scarce education resources and professional advice to enhance and harness their academic and social education. Nsefu chiefdom has one government school that has qualified teachers and more of the rest are community schools occupying a higher number of unqualified teachers who have literally secondary school certificates.

The increased statistics of early marriages are due to lack of sexual education guidance were girls are the most vulnerable and victims to such cases and, this escalates poverty. In addition, due to the lack of such resources, there are high rates of sexually transmitted diseases that can be eradicated prior to education being put priority before all activities. This, therefore, provides an opportunity for the organization to help improve education by ensuring that children and youths - registered and nonregistered on Matt Children’s Hope Foundation have access to academic and social education through library activities.

We will engage fully qualified passionate education mentors to provide quality educational and social activities to the rural vulnerable children and youths. For that, the project intends to be rolled out to the rest of other parts of the country in most rural areas. Part of the benefits through this project is to enhance education, provide employment for local people, build positive community leaders in children and youths and, promote gender equality and equity, reduced rates of early marriages, and unlawful sexual practices that increase rates of sexually transmitted infections.

Our passion is to see that the world is imparted with people full of positive minds and scale down poverty. We trust with little interventions, creates a whole greater impact on underprivileged people.

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