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More than a Classroom

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Removing the educational barriers for a village in Africa, to create unlimited avenues of possibilities and allow these children to continue their education throughout their entire childhood.

Picture this... a small 25 desk classroom that crams 100 students in the same room. All 100 students, regardless of their age, are taught the same educational lessons by one dedicated teacher and a handful of mission trip volunteers. Education is supposed to be an avenue of possibilities and a gateway towards ones' potential, but how is a student supposed to thrive in these conditions? 

This is a real scenario for a village in Africa, affecting hundreds of students many of which give up on their education in childhood. All proceeds will go towards supporting this village and their children in need, by not only providing these children with an additional classroom space, but also more education instructors, education lessons better catered to age groups, and other materials necessary for learning. Please consider donating, to provide these children with every opportunity that is extended to the children here in the U.S.

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