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Myopia Treatments

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Please donate to help treat myopia you will receive this method.

Regards dear friend! 

We are a charity fundraiser. We are looking to raise 10,000,000 USD to help with the Fundraising for myopia treatment project. Just a small donation of 5 usd can help us complete this project.

Please help us raise money to help people treat myopia according to a new method by a monk in India. We need your help today.

A monk in India has found a way to cure myopia by using yoga and taking a medicine made from several species of trees in the forest. For nearly a year, the monk has treated myopia for charity for more than 1000 people. Patients treated include: students, pupils, office workers, the elderly and people with congenital myopia.

The monk wants to give charity myopia treatment to everyone in the country and around the world. So the monk wrote a book to practice yoga and a list of medicinal plants to make the remedy. Let's raise money together to help the monk. The money you donate will help grow more medicinal plants and build more places to treat myopia. The more you donate, the more people are cured.

If you donate over 20 USD, you will receive the instruction manual written by the monk to your email.

The monk said that. The effect of curing myopia is strange, obvious, and quite a feat. The Union of Science and Technology Associations rewarded the monk for the achievement of "Applying Yoga and herbs to cure diseases with success". Monk's myopia remedy has been shown to help people of all ages cure vision problems, it is particularly effective in preventing lifelong eye problems.

If you are unable to donate, but still want to support our cause, please share our page with your friends, family members and colleagues. With more people knowing about our goal, we will be one step closer to achieving our goal. Thank you in advance for your donation! Your support means the whole world to me! Your donation is very helpful and needed. We appreciate your volunteering spirit.

Best regards, 

Fundraising for myopia treatment

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