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Bonnie Bienert

Tom Bienert Belize 2023

Judson University

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I thank my God every time I remember you. I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel. Philippians 1

   Thank you for your prayerful support of my annual Judson service trip to Belize. You are part of the reason I am able to serve in Belize. Your prayers and financial support really make a difference.

      As I sit in my office and type this note, I find myself surrounded by pictures on the walls that remind me of the kingdom work that our Belize team does in the village. In front of me is a picture of my daughter Kaylie with her 2 Judson University roommates, and approximately 25 joy filled kids from San Antonio. The kids are all wearing colorful crowns that they made at a spiritually transformational Vacation Bible School led by Kaylie and Victoria. This year, I will once again wear a costume (like the one you see pictured) and teach at the VBS that typically attracts over 60 high energy village kids.

      Behind me is a picture of our university President Gene Crume suspended in the air more than 30 feet above the ground on precarious wooden scaffold. He is completing the building of a roof over the church balcony. This year the team will most likely put a new roof on the church building. 

      Finally, to my left is a picture of me in my goalie shirt helping to lead the Teen Soccer Clinic we held in the village. I am an OK goalie, but I am a better teacher. In the picture, I am surrounded by the men of the village arm in arm proudly wearing Judson soccer uniforms. The men of the village were so thrilled that the Teen Soccer Conference brought so many teens back to the church who had been drifting spiritually for a few years.

      Thank you again for blessing me (and the village of San Antonio) with your support!

  • Corey Bienert
  • John Simios
  • Todd Oelerich


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