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Water pump

Dear responsables,  Project World Impact achieve,

I am sending you this mail with questions related to a possible partnership with International Assistance with Water pumps.

In 2014 I established the "Association de Zeinidine l'Assistance des Etudiants" (AZAE) in Togo at its iinitiativ to years after the organization has been approved in the country and the activities of ours can now enter into force.The organization's main focus is on the childrens, youth and orphans the right to education as this plays a big role when it comes to sustainable development to date, we are concerned with getting partnerships International Assistance with Water pumps we concern also food in Ramadan for our orphans and students and a better schools as well as universities in the future.

I wonder how I should proceed as Togolese ONG in order to establish a possible partnership with your International Cooperation for our orphans and in Education inTogo.

I am looking for a water pump for our orphans and poor students from your Project World Impact achieve cooperation with Project World Impact as a partner when it comes to humanitariann aid such as Water for life and zakat for Ramdan 2021 and for our orphans and for the most needed in our schools.

I will add the necessary documents as well. In the hope of a positive response, you can accept my deepest gratitude.

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