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Mission Statement

To love and mentor participants in Christian principles that will empower, encourage and enlighten women in transition from incarceration to their families and communities in New Mexico.

About Us

We all make mistakes.

Sometimes bad choices affect our health, our marriage, our career and sometimes even our freedom. Prison is the harsh reality of judicial consequences for women who have broken the law.

Learning to make new choices, gain new skills, embrace life with sustainable principles, learn to forgive and love ourselves and others and move forward with new values is how A Peaceful Habitation gives hope to the recently paroled.

Daily, our strength to serve women is based on this Scripture:

"My people will abide
in a peaceful habitation,
in safe dwellings,
and in quiet resting places."

Isaiah 32:18

One life can change thousands! Extending Christ's unconditional love and hope to women released from correctional facilities will not only encourage and support them during their transition but also assist them in becoming independent, contributing members of society.

Where We Work

What We Do

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A Peaceful Habitation Home & Aftercare Ministry, Inc. is a Christian ministry providing service and support to facilitate successful re-entry back into society. It was created to “bridge the gap” for the recently released women who want to live transformed lives and break patterns of self-defeating or destructive behavior.

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United States of America

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PO Box 53516
% Leticia Chavez Paulette
Albuquerque, NM 87153



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