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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to break the age-old cycle of poverty in this very undeveloped area and aid these children in becoming successful citizens who can have a positive impact on their community.

About Us

Our Kenyan founder and Director, Michael O. Nyangi, grew up poor and lost his father at an early age. He has dedicated his life to higher purposes ever since the generosity of good Samaritans enabled him to graduate from college with the prospect of a career as an accountant. However, instead of pursuing a path of personal financial security, he began a micro-financing organization, Lomoro, at the age of 22 in one of the world's largest slums, Kibera. Lomoro became a 15-person office and its success led to Michael's speaking on poverty before the U.N. General Assembly in 2008. During this time, Michael also started taking orphans into his own home and recruiting some local widows to do likewise. Others noticed Michael's ability to bring together the needed resources to care for the growing number of destitute children, and more children arrived on his doorsteps. In 2005 Michael officially opened Achungo Children's Center and continues to oversee and direct the operations of the school.

With the help of international donations, Michael has in recent years built a campus that now hosts about 280 destitute children in preschool through 8th grade, along with meals for them all and housing where needed.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Achungo is dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans and destitute children in Kenya, with provision of care and education, giving them hope and a future, while nurturing integrity and responsibility. We provide food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education for orphaned and destitute children, currently serving 277 children ages 3 to 17 in pre-school through 8th grade and sponsoring 15 in various high schools. Our long- term goal is to enable all who are able to complete secondary school, college and/or vocational training that equips them to be able to support themselves.

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