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African Children Fund, Inc.

Mission Statement

African Children Fund, Inc. seeks to improve poor at-risk, economically disadvantaged minority children and youth educational, social and physical needs, increase opportunities to and offers programs to address issues affecting them, thereby improving academic performance.

About Us

African Children Fund Inc. programs includes Child Sponsorship, whereby sponsors from the United States and Canada are match with poor, children in Africa, who need help to go to school and to acheive their academic goals. Among the organization's programs are :
1.One to One Tutoring and mentoring
2.After-school program
3.Parents Orientation
4. Extended Learning Opportunities for children and youth
5.Workshop Facilitators Training
Our agency counseling program teaches problem-solving skills, focusing on improving self-esteem and Self-awareness, developing good mental attitudes. Our counseling programs takes on many forms depending on the assessed needs of the youth participating in our program, whether their parent is cooperative, and the availability of resources. Family counseling is an alternative and serves as reinforcement. The problem of self-esteem and lack of self-discipline may be derive from disruptive or neglected home/family environments. The program consists of of tutoring, mentoring and individual sessions. with program participants. The program activities are individualized and flexible to meet the needs of each low income, at-risk, economically disadvantaged children and youth in Boston's economically depressed neighborhoods.

Youth participating in our programs may also e enrolled in After-school programs and activities. Enrollment in the After-school program will be based on improve behavior. We anticipate that approximately 80% of the children and youth participating in our programs receive After-school services. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive program that will addressed the "Whole Person" provide .

Our agency conducts parent's orientation at different times for youth and their families. At these meetings, we always outline upcoming events: provide an overview of our programs and activities.
One of the goals of our After-school programs is to assist low income, at-risk children and youth in Boston and In Africa, to meet or exceed their local and national educational standards in core academic subjects of reading , language arts and Mathematics.

African Children Fund, Inc. programs and activities addresses the risk factors of academic failures, low self-esteem, and other risky behavior that result when children and youth eventually drop out of school. At least one hour four days per week in the afternoon are spent on academic subjects.

What We Do

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Africa's Children's Fund works in partnership with other organizations to advocate for the right of children everywhere and to implement programs that help improve the quality of their lives. Since our inception, we have collaborated with the following organizations in all aspects of our children and youth programs:

Locations Served
South Africa

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