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Mission Statement

Airline Ambassadors has demonstrated that international aid and development assistance works best under the direction and invitation of those we assist. We create opportunities for ordinary people to participate in international development and aid relief. More importantly, our volunteers build lasting friendships with those they serve.

About Us

Our Humanitarian Missions Program provides a way for ordinary people to apply their unique interests and skills to human need by directly delivering school and medical supplies, toys clothing and love to children in orphanages, clinics or remote facilities. The most important component of humanitarian assistance is developing relationships between people. These journeys of the heart provide a way for ordinary people to express their fundamental selflessness and compassion. We encourage families to join us and “Travel to Make a Difference,” helping with global hunger, health, education, disaster relief, child welfare and community development.

What We Do

Human Rights
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Unlike other relief and development organizations that ask only for donations and use highly-paid humanitarian professionals and restrict project visitation by ordinary citizens, we believe that people from all walks of life have skills to offer in making communities whole again. Additionally, while matching world resource to world need, participants experience the enriching aspects of personal relationships with the people they serve. This is the ultimate reward for contributors that alleviate pain and deprivation.

Locations Served
United States of America

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