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Mission Statement

Achieve healthy rivers, healthy people, and a healthy Alabama.

About Us

Our purpose is to protect & restore Alabama's rivers. To do this, we advocate smart water policy, organize at the grassroots level, and teach citizens how they can protect their water. We are privately funded and accomplish our mission with the financial support of people like you. Our goal is to achieve healthy rivers, healthy people, and a healthy system of government for the state of Alabama.

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Alabama has over 145,100 miles of streams and rivers with more types of plants and animals living in them than any other state in the nation. However, we also have one of the highest extinction rates in North America, many of which are species that live in our rivers. Alabama’s precious water resources currently face many threats. From improper enforcement of environmental regulations to the lack of planning and policy to ensure sustainable water for the future, our community is tasked with protecting the waters of the state for the health of the people and the life therein, or else we risk losing natural treasures that we can never retrieve.

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