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Arts & Scraps

Mission Statement

Arts & Scraps reimagines recycled materials to inspire people of all ages to think, create and learn.

About Us

When people hear "Arts & Scraps", they smile. We are a 26 year old organization, recycling 28 tons of material from Detroit each year, serving 275,000 children. Our focus is on children living in low income neighborhoods in Southeast Michigan, particularly Detroit. We provide affordable curriculum based hands on learning workshops for early childhood to middle school. Students learn about a topic and are challenged to build a model, creating their vision of a solution. Our unique materials make that exciting and memorable.
We also use 10,000 volunteer hours each year to build kits to take our thinking process affordably to the entire United States. They are sold on our website store, Kits can be customized to any theme and can be a fundraiser or promotional item. We operate a store and produce activities at public and private events.
Our Facebook page Arts & Scraps is active with ideas and information; we also sell materials there for the adult DIY and art crowd.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Accessible to all: we regularly involve Individuals of Disabilities; the store and warehouse are fully accessible to all and the ScrapMobile has a wheelchair lift. Please feel welcomed. This has been an ongoing priority since 1992.

Locations Served
United States of America

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