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Our family visited Romania in 2004 and it changed our lives forever! Our first visit to hold abandoned babies left a lasting impression on all of us. At the age of 6, God began working in a young girl's heart to help the "least of these". Lanie was grieved over the conditions and lack of Hope for the babies. As we left the hospital, all of us were broken, teary eyed and trying to make any sense out of what we had experienced. Our van ride back to where we were staying was SILENT....EXCEPT for the weeping of Lanie! She cried the entire ride and then cried herself to sleep. "We have to do something!", she said. It affected our family deeply. We all prayed for a solution. In 2005- The LORD moved our entire family to Romania as missionaries. Since then, we have seen GOD do amazing things. Now at the age of 15, Heleana is raising awareness and funds to build Homes for KIDS in Romania. Every life has a purpose and each child is created in the image of GOD, but why all the hurt? Why are children abandoned by their parents? How can there be so much abuse? Why are people hurting and neglecting children? How could a loving God allow this to happen? In 2012, Lanie stopped asking "Why" and started asking "WHAT"! "What can I do to help? How can I be the hands and feet of Jesus?" GIVING KIDS ...See More A HOME! Giving kids a family! A Simple & Practical Solution that will make an ETERNAL DIFFERENCE & Affect future generations! Show Less

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