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Mission Statement

Bethany House exists to provide “shelter” homes and services for single, expectant women and their future babies.

About Us

Bethany House addresses a number of critical issues in our society. One primary purpose of our program is to provide shelter, food, medical care, and clothing to young, homeless, pregnant women. Sadly, the US continues to lead the way with the highest pregnancy rates in the industrialized world with 35% of girls getting pregnant once by age twenty. Many of these women are ostracized by their families and left with no home during this critical time. We provide a safe, stable, and supportive environment for these seemingly hopeless women during their pregnancies, and up to three months following birth.

Secondly, children of teen mothers face an array of difficulties: more likely to perform poorly in academics, sons of teenage moms more likely to end up in prison, over 75% will be on welfare within five years of their births. Bethany House helps prevent problems from escalating, or developing, by interrupting the cycles of abuse, addiction, and poverty that a majority of these women are burdened by. This reprieve allows their unborn child to experience a safer pregnancy.

Children of younger mothers face higher rates of abuse and neglect. We help better prepare these moms-to-be by providing intensive counseling services, support groups, well-baby instruction, and much more. In addition, poverty, due to lack of education, faces many of these ladies who have dropped out of school. Bethany House guides women toward educational opportunities (90% receive their GEDs) and provides employment counseling and preparation.

Bethany House exists because of a strong community commitment
Bethany House is entirely dependent on financial support from individuals, businesses, churches, and civic organizations that recognize the pressing need to assist single pregnant women and their future children. They believe women should have access to such services no matter what their financial circumstances might be.

Bethany House is seeking committed partners to provide a stable and ongoing financial base of support. The continuing success of this program requires community involvement, not only in the area of volunteering and in-kind donations, but also in monthly pledges. To see how you can help,click here.
If you would like additional program information, or would like to arrange for a presentation at your church, business, or organization, please contact us.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Bethany House Like This Page · j00n 21, 2012 · The Future of Bethany House...Phase 2 Will Offer the Following: A comfortable, safe, and highly affordable living space/apartment (rent based on ability to pay/income level.) Access to numerous support services and resources, including spiritual growth programs. Ongoing parenting classes, instruction, and support, with combined life skills development. Individual case management and goal setting. Education planning, support while attending school, and access to computers for homework. Career Development, employment related assistance, guidance, and support. Access to specialized counseling services and groups as needed for personal growth and recovery. Most importantly, clients will experience a loving, nurturing, Christian community of qualified and dedicated staff and volunteers.

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United States of America

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