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Mission Statement

Serenity Springs provides FOREVER homes to rescued and retired big cats and several other animals. We educate the public about the perils of each species in the wild and strive to build supporters for big cats.

About Us

Serenity Springs was founded in 1993 as a training facility but quickly became a much needed home to rescued big cats. Many of of residents come from private ownership situations, other facilities that have closed and the entertainment industry. We provide forever homes for these animals and strive to educate the public about the perils facing them in the wild. We do this through guided tours of the facility and an intimate viewing experience with the animals.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Through educational programs and community outreach, we strive to raise public awareness of the existence of the large numbers of captive wildlife and the continuing need for sanctuary from exploitation, abuse and neglect. Through introduction to, and education about these magnificent creatures, we promote compassion and respect for all animals while fostering recovery for endangered species.

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United States of America

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