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Mission Statement

The mission of Boys and Girls Country is to change the lives of children from families in crisis by loving and nurturing them in a Christian home environment, raising them to become self-sustaining and contributing adults.

About Us

With a small plot of donated land and a $25 check, Boys and Girls Country was originally founded in 1971 as Boys Country, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable home to give at-risk boys a safe place to grow up and the chance to become productive, successful adults. A few years later, Girls Country, a similar campus for girls, was established several miles away. In 1997, the College and Career program was established to ensure that kids don't “age out” of our program; we continue to provide them with a home while they attend college, trade school, serve in the military, or begin a first job. One year later, Boys Country and Girls Country merged on the current 215-acre campus with the capacity to serve 88 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18. The College and Career program moved to the former Girls Country campus.

Since 1971, Boys and Girls Country has been busy serving over 100 children and young adults every year. Our kids are succeeding in school, graduating from high school and college, learning independent living skills, taking on responsibilities like after school jobs and learning to drive, and growing up with healthy relationships and lots of opportunities to “just be kids.”

The Boys and Girls Country program is made up of a network of 11 cottage families and an extended Christian neighborhood that supports our children as they learn and grow, provides them with educational and emotional support, holds them accountable to their peers and the greater community, and encourages them to dream and achieve big goals. Each cottage is comprised of eight children, a married “Teaching Parent” couple (and any children they may have), and two single Teaching Parents, who raise these children as their own.

In most residential programs, once a child turns 18 and graduates from high school, they are on their own. However, we know that becoming an adult does not happen overnight. It is a process, and the first few years after high school are a critical time of transition for every young adult. In 1997, we established our College and Career program so we could continue to be a family to our kids beyond high school graduation as they follow their own, individual paths to adulthood.

While still in high school, we work with our teens to develop what we call a Roadmap for Success, clarifying their educational and career goals. Some of our young adults attend college or trade school, others join the military, and some choose to join the workforce. Roadmaps are updated twice a year to ensure our kids are on track and meeting their goals. Four “mentors,” staff members who live on the College and Career campus, are available at any time to help our young adults. They are called upon to help set up a first apartment, buy a first car, or make that delicious pot roast they had the last time they were home for Spring Break.

At the end of the 2015 school year, nine high school students graduated entering into the College and Career Program. College and Career Mentors will work with close to 20 young adults in 2015/2016 through college, trade school, the military, or a first job. Since its inception, 23 young adults have graduated from college or a trade school, and in 2014, Boys and Girls Country celebrated its first student to receive a Master's Degree while living on campus.

Boys and Girls Country receives no government support, and we are not a United Way member agency. Our organization depends on private funds which come from individuals, businesses, civic groups, churches, foundations, and volunteer support. Your tax deductible donation helps us provide a home for approximately100 boys and girls.

Where We Work

What We Do

Education - Learn more

Education is one of the most emphasized values on the Boys and Girls Country campus. Our students attend public schools in the acclaimed Waller Independent School District. Children in our program are tested at intake to determine educational level and to identify any special learning needs.

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