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Mission Statement

In everything that we do, we are working to create a community in which all children:

-Are safe, supported, and healthy
-Receive a high-quality education at every stage
-Grow up in families that are economically independent and secure

About Us

The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition, (BCAC) provides the vehicle for the greater Bridgeport community to take concerted action. Historically, Bridgeport's roughly 37,000 children fare worse than their counterparts statewide on just about every social and economic indicator. Research shows that living in poverty puts children at greater risk in every other facet of well-being, including health, education, and safety. Accordingly, Bridgeport children are less likely to attend preschool, graduate from high school, receive quality and affordable medical care, and are more likely to suffer abuse, neglect, and homelessness than children statewide.

Yet, within Bridgeport, progress is being made. Each day, in a thousand little ways, people are taking steps to ensure that all Bridgeport children receive the nurturing and supports they need.

Armed with facts and statistics, BCAC helps to mobilize parents, community leaders, clergy and service providers to advocate for policy and systems changes to improve life for children and their families, particularly for Bridgeport's most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Where We Work

What We Do

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The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition works to improve the well-being of children by: -Leading collaboratively -Acting as an information clearinghouse -Organizing our broader community -Employing facts, analytical tools, and proven best practices -Highlighting Bridgeport’s strengths We work through our coalition of Member Organizations, our Task Forces, and through programs and campaigns in the areas of health, education, and civic education carried out by BCAC staff members.

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2470 Fairfield Avenue
Lower Level
Bridgeport, CT 06605



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