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Calm Air Visibility Unlimited

Mission Statement

"Using advanced technology and an aerial platform to capture, analyze and share data to inform conservation management decisions"

About Us

CAVU's approach to conservation is society based. We believe that when people are informed and engaged healthy societies and renewable natural resources thrive.

To engage and inform society, CAVU combines flight and film to educate people about the health of critical ecosystems in Latin America and the United States.

Flights provide scientifically relevant and timely data; while films tell significant ecological stories from local stakeholders' perspectives.

Together they provide diverse groups the opportunity to meet on a level playing field and give voice to those who might otherwise not be heard. Ultimately, these tools foster dialogue helping people solve some of our planet's most pressing problems.

What We Do

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Founded in 2004, CAVU is a US public charity dedicated to helping solve complex problems related to the management and conservation of natural resources. Using advanced technology and an aerial platform, CAVU captures, analyzes, and shares data to inform better conservation management decisions. CAVU believes that when people are informed and engaged, healthy societies and renewable natural resources thrive.

Locations Served
United States of America
Costa Rica
El Salvador

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941 W Byrd
Ste 101
Universal City, TX 78148



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