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Mission Statement

It starts with one can. To feed the hungry. To lift the spirit. To change the world. Canstruction®, a charity committed to ending hunger,is using ‘one can' as a catalyst for change.

About Us

For millions, each day begins and ends with the anguish of hunger. Canstruction® Houston, Inc., a charity sponsored by the design and construction industry, is determined to end this suffering.

Canstruction® Houston, Inc. is a design/build competition showcasing the talents of design and construction industry professionals and students they mentor. At events held in Houston, teams are given just nine hours to defy expectations, logic, and gravity as they build fantastic can-sculptures from thousands of cans of food. Driven by the knowledge that their can-sculptures change lives – by lifting the spirits of those in need, by raising public awareness, and most importantly, by filling the shelves of local food banks – dedicated volunteers in a variety of categories bring their creations to life. Following the build, the super-sized masterpieces are judged in a variety of categories as these unconventional art exhibits are opened to the public, the cost of admission – just one can of food.

Canstruction® Houston, Inc. is using one can as a catalyst for change. One can to represent the building blocks of these massive can-sculptures. One can to prove that every act of kindness makes a difference. Through the generosity of volunteers, celebrity judges and members of the community, Canstruction® Houston, Inc. with hundreds of events held nationwide, have contributed millions of pounds of food to community food banks – demonstrating that we can win the fight against hunger.

One CAN make a difference

One CAN at a time

Where We Work

What We Do

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Canstruction Houston Raised 118,765 Pounds of food which will provide 142,518 meals for the 2015 Holiday Season! "Houston Food Bank representative, Scott Fortin, stated this was the first time in his 12 year tenure that a donation has had the best mix of items that closely matched the HFB most needed items."

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PO Box 270661
C/O Kate Fransioli
Houston, TX 77277-0661



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