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Casa Viva

Mission Statement

Casa Viva exists to provide lifegiving solutions for children who have been separated from their families in the developing world. We believe God cares deeply about children, and will act on their behalf. Our Vision is to follow God's lead by connecting children to family in the name of Christ.

About Us

Children experience significant loss when they become separated from their original family.
In that tender moment, the best place for children is family – real families, healthy families, families engaging on behalf of children in need. For ten years, Casa Viva has been actively engaged connecting children to families in Costa Rica. We are also working throughout our region to help others transition their children's homes or begin new projects caring for children in local families.
We believe family needs to become the first and primary response for children in need.

What We Do

Family - Learn more

Ten years ago we started with one family from one church. We asked the local family if they would be willing to care for one child in their home. That single act set in motion a movement in the country of Costa Rica – countless stories of miracles, transformation and healing while also navigating the harsh realities of broken families and hurting children.

Locations Served
Costa Rica

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