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CBE partners with the Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE) in Kenya, led by Rev. Dominic Misolo. He explains, “EFOGE is struggling to bring change to a deeply patriarchal society that uses the Bible to fan fires of domestic and gender-based violence and many social vices.” A CBE-sponsored conference held in 2012 in Limuru, Kenya, brought together 230 church leaders and seminary/university professors from nine countries. They addressed issues such as sexual harassment and the high rate of HIV/AIDS. Called Out!, a CBE-published youth curriculum, was translated and contextualized for Kenya. It is now taught in over 20 public schools. This curriculum builds confidence in girls, and respect and support from their male peers. During a recent visit to the poorest middle school in Bondo, Kenya, a devoted principal observed how Called Out! gives female students assurance of their academic abilities, despite the pressure on them to oversee enormous domestic responsibilities after returning home from an eight-hour school day.

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