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Center for Child Counseling

Mission Statement

The Center for Child Counseling strives to strengthen and empower children and families through prevention, early intervention, and treatment services that support their social-emotional wellness and growth.

About Us

Early Childhood Mental Health is the Foundation of Our Mission

Research shows that we should focus on the youngest, most vulnerable children in our community. In fact, the period of birth to age six provides the foundation for health, learning, emotional expression, and social relationships throughout the lifetime.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health have been the foundation of the Center for Child Counseling's mission in Palm Beach County since being founded as All Bout Children in 1999. Through implementation of evidence-based interventions, we focus on the youngest children in our community because research shows that this period of life (prenatal to age 6) provides the foundation for health, physical and emotional, and learning throughout the lifespan. We are passionate about our mission and strongly believe that the first years of life lay the foundation for future development, reflected in the array of program services we deliver that focus on promoting the social-emotional wellness of at-risk babies, young children, and their caregivers. We believe that caregivers and families who learn to interact positively with young children are less likely to engage in abusive and neglectful behaviors and that effective interventions can disrupt the intergenerational cycle of abuse, positively impacting generations to come.

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What We Do

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Why focus on early childhood? The youngest children in our community are disproportionately exposed to potentially traumatic experiences, many of which involve violence. The first year of life is the single most dangerous period of childhood when it comes to the risk of death from abuse or neglect. Although some children are more resilient than others, the effects of trauma experienced in the earliest years can be evident at later ages, impacting physical and emotional health throughout the lifespan.

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