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Mission Statement

The Center for Judicial Excellence was born in a San Rafael living room and was essentially incubated in a local PR firm. This short-term 2006 public relations project quickly grew into a standalone 501(c)3 organization that continues to develop and disseminate powerful content about the family court crisis and related problems stemming from a complete lack of effective oversight of the judicial branch of government.

About Us

CJE has worked tirelessly to educate lawmakers at the local, state and national levels about the impacts of the family court crisis on their constituents.

While we recognize the importance of pushing for and winning key legislative reforms that will better protect children and their families, we also recognize that the family courts routinely ignore state law and judges often do whatever they want in their courtrooms. Appellate courts rarely take up family law appeals, instead giving broad discretion to family court judges. We continue to believe that the lack of accountability in family courts, and to some extent in the judicial branch as a whole, is the single biggest problem facing litigants who find themselves stuck in a never-ending series of court hearings that drag on for years and deplete their life savings.

CJE will continue to fight for judicial accountability, first and foremost, and we will gladly sign onto bills which aim to provide much needed oversight of the judicial branch.

The Center for Judicial Excellence has made its mark in the federal and state legislative arenas. While the organization has been relatively quiet on legislative matters in the past two years due to cutbacks in staffing and resources, we are hopeful that we can get back into action soon pushing for judicial accountability and family court reform in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

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The Center for Judicial Excellence proudly offers membership opportunities to interested allies who are committed to creating a fair and accountable judiciary. Members are encouraged to attend hearings, meetings, rallies and events, and to support CJE’s legislative agenda.

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