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Mission Statement

Changing Course is dedicated to developing and administering programs to enhance teamwork, self-worth, leadership, responsibility, and accountability to all types of groups.

About Us

In 1998 we began our first Summer Camp program for juvenile probationers that was a week long and gave these youth the opportunities to ride horses, rock climb, participate in water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, blobbing, participation on a challenge course, zip lines and sessions that were directed at goal setting, decision making and change.

In 1999 the organization added a program called Project H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Excel.) Project HOPE was desigtned to be used in P.E. classes for Middle and High Schools. The program was 10 weeks long, administered in the Physical Education Class and was very successful. in 1999 23 high school students participated, most of which were failing core classes, had a high truancy rate and spent a lot of their time in ISS. When completed it was reported by the teachers and administration that all were passing their core classes, the ISS and truancy rate was down and that overall the students that had been involved became a catalysts for change in the school.

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Our staff can develop a program specific to your companies needs. We have over 25 years experience in developing leaders. We can provide interactive workshops to hold peoples’ interest and allow them to put into practice objectives learned during the workshop.

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