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Mission Statement

The mission of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Aiken County is to provide a safe environment and supportive services which promote healing to abused children and their families through intervention, treatment and prevention.

About Us

In 2002 many different community agency leaders and interested citizens began meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Aiken County. At that time, abused children were being interviewed by staff from many different agencies in a variety of places. These less than ideal circumstances were traumatic. Often times, children would recant, or the information was not shared from agency to agency. When a child needed a medical examination, long distance travel was necessary which only increased the level of anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, these abuse cases often fell between the cracks and there was no voice for the children.

Due to the determination and diligence of agency leaders and interested citizens who served on the CAC Board, many years of planning finally grew into a viable and realistic plan for the CAC. On August 31, 2005, the CAC received its designation from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3), private nonprofit organization. The CAC initially operated out of one room at the United Way. Later, it was located in a small office down town. In August of 2008, the CAC moved into a new building especially designed for its unique services. The building was largely funded by the County with revenue from the one cent sales tax. The CAC was accredited by the National Children's Alliance in August of 2008. The staff has grown from one to a staff of five, with one contract employees. Leaders of the original founding agencies have transitioned into the Advisory Board which promotes cooperation among the child-serving agencies. The CAC is presently governed by a Board of Directors which consists of concerned community members.

Where We Work

What We Do

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Our Purpose:
• Minimize trauma to child victims of suspected child abuse or witness to violence
• Coordinate a collaborative response to cases of child abuse
• Help children heal from their trauma
• Work to increase community awareness of and how to prevent child abuse in our community

Locations Served
United States of America

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