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Mission Statement

To feed, house, protect and educate the innocent, underprivileged, disabled, distraught, and displaced child.
To give hope, help, and direction through education, training, assistance, and love.
Although "child" implies the young and the largest portion of our work is with the young, we are all someone's child and if in crisis, "Child Rescue" will assist where they can.

About Us

Through decades of war, exploding land mines, poverty, and rampant diseases such as AIDS, Cambodia's orphan population continues to grow.​
Without providers, these orphans are forced to beg or forage through trash dumps for food. They are often the victims of serial predators and violent assaults. Life for these defenseless children is absolutely desperate!

What We Do

Children/Youth - Learn more

Child Rescue will provide the necessary items that we take for granted. Our goal is to provide food, shelter, protection, education, love, and hope for as many orphaned children living in Cambodia as possible.

Locations Served
United States of America

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